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Successfully Negotiating Tax Controversies

From audits to collections, tax controversies arise from a wide range of activities within federal, state and local taxing authorities. Dealing with these issues can be a stressful and complicated process, and many tax attorneys limit their tax law service offerings solely to planning. At Bever Dye, LC, Attorneys At Law, the experience of our tax attorneys in Wichita, Kansas, extends equally to the representation of clients in tax appeals and tax litigation.

How We Can Help

Our tax attorneys strive to avoid tax litigation and controversy whenever possible and are skilled at negotiating favorable settlements on your behalf. However, when tax litigation is the only option for protecting your interests, we are prepared to see the dispute through to its successful resolution.

Tax Appeals & Litigation Tax Litigation

Tax Appeals

In Wichita, tax appeals can be filed for many types of taxation, including federal and state income tax, property tax assessment, employment tax, excise tax and estate and gift tax. Doing so requires the help of an experienced tax appeal attorney to give you a wide variety of workable solutions.

Our Experience

Our tax appeal attorneys have a comprehensive knowledge of federal and Kansas tax appeals. Our experience also reaches to appellate casework, effectively appealing unfavorable results from tax litigation at all judicial levels. No matter what your needs, we can help you through the process from start to finish:

  • Reviewing and organizing your documents
  • Drafting and filing an official protest document
  • Preparing correspondence to the IRS or Department of Revenue Appeals
  • Representing your interests and rights in tax-related hearings

Our tax appeal attorneys are approachable, responsive and efficient. We have the knowledge, skills, and experience you can depend on for a successful appeal.

Tax Appeals & Litigation Tax Appeals

Tax Litigation

Tax litigation requires a firm grasp of the administrative proceedings that direct Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and other tax authorities’ operations. Our tax litigation attorneys are well versed in the rules of procedure required in all courts that litigate tax controversies, including U.S. District Courts, Courts of Appeal, U.S. Tax Courts, the Supreme Court and state-level courts.

We are prepared to advise you regarding the advantages and disadvantages of tax litigation, along with the potential benefit of negotiating a favorable settlement. Our long-standing reputation as tax litigation attorneys and our willingness to take cases to trial lend credibility with tax agencies in our negotiations.

Tax Appeals and Litigation Attorneys

Eric V. Calvert, JD

Attorney / Member

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Amanda R. Walker, JD, CPA

Attorney / Member

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Gregory L. Franken, JD, CPA

Attorney / Member

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Eric S. Parkhurst, JD, CPA

Attorney / Member

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Robert M. Hughes, JD, LLM

Attorney / Member

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Gregg C. Goodwin, JD, CPA

Attorney / Member

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Eric J. Larson, JD, CPA

Of Counsel Attorney

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